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Ronon Ficathon

Stories of Ronon

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Ronon Ficathon

Welcome to rononficathon! This community is here to host a ficathon based around the Stargate: Atlantis character Ronon Dex. Therefore, it will only be active when the ficathon is running. There are tons of other lovely communities available for you to find fic year-round, if that's what you're looking for.

stormylullabye and somehowunbroken are the maintainers of this community. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, etc., please send one or both of us a PM about it.

Ground Rules
I know rules are annoying, but for the enjoyment of everyone, it's necessary to have them. Sorry.

1) Constructive criticism is okay, mean comments about the author are not. You will be kicked out for that.
2) We're open to any type of pairings, as well as non-pairings. If you don't like someone's pairing, don't read it and don't comment.
3) We're also open to all kinks, but they must be warned for, or else labeled "author does not warn." Again, no negative comments about someone's kink.
Additional rules may be posted if they become necessary and/or as we see fit.

Check our memories and tags for previously posted fics, and watch for upcoming sign-ups!


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