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Ronon Ficathon: Dead or Alive, PG13

Title: Dead or Alive
Author: Rubygirl29
Rating: PG13
Characters: Ronon Dex, Teal'c, Aris Boch

Written For: The Ronon Thing-a-thon for theeverdream for her prompt: "I really want Ronon interacting with Arish Boch from SG-1 (Deadman Switch). I can totally see them understanding each other's survival lifestyle and the 'we do what we have to do' type of thing. "

Summary: As Ronon waits to depart from SGC after he and Teal'c take down the invading Wraith, he is introduced to an unexpected visitor, Bounty Hunter Aris Boch.

Author's Note: I'm sorry this is late, but I hope you like it. I wish RL would just give me a moment to take a breath.

At my Journal: Dead or Alive

Fic: Beyond All Hope - for rubygirl29

Ack! I'm late! Sorry about that!

Title: Beyond All Hope
Author: lar_laughs
Recipient: rubygirl29
Medium: Fic
Word count: ~3800
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Ronon/John, pre-Ronon/Lorne, John/Atlantis
Warnings: Main character death, grief, AU mid-season 5
Summary: Even with the city of Atlantis falling down around them, John finds that he can't leave her behind. That he can leave Ronon behind is something that Ronon is having a hard time coming to terms with.
Additional Notes: Thank you so much for the prompts (h/c either or both parties, Lorne and Ronon on a mission to rescue John), rubygirl29! I had trouble wrapping my head around them at first but then something started forming and going in one direction and WHAM! It took a detour. I hope you like it! As always, I could not have done this without Aster, who knows my writing schedule better than I do some days.

...he never should have let him go alone...
gen love is

Master List: Thing-a-Thon 02

Thanks for your amazing work this year! Here is a list of the work produced for Round Two:

leesa_perrie made a Sateda picspam for lar_laughs 
rinkafic wrote All Night Long for gaffsie 
gaffsie wrote Don't Feel Like Dancing for stormylullabye 
da_angel729 wrote Storming the City for leesa_perrie 
theeverdream created The Same the Angels Breathe for da_angel729 
stormylullabye wrote Laughter for rinkafic 
lar_laughs wrote Beyond All Hope for rubygirl29 
rubygirl29 wrote Dead Or Alive for theeverdream 

We'll update this list as the last few entries make their way in :)

Thanks to everyone for making this a great round!
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Fic: Laughter, PG

Title: Laughter
Author/Artist: stormylullabye
Recipient: rinkafic
Medium: Fic
Word count/length: 1,072
Rating: PG
Characters/pairing: John/Ronon, some Rodney and Teyla
Summary: John wishes Ronon would laugh more.
Additional notes: Written for the 2011 Ronon thing-a-thon at rononficathon. I managed to include two out of the three prompts pretty well (found and laughter), and the third one (hair) is mentioned if you feel like “Where’s Waldo”-ing it. Also, fail!mod is clinging to the 'it's still July 1 somewhere' excuse. Sorry it's so late in the day!

Read here at my journal!

Art - The Same the Angels Breathe - by theeverdream for da_angel729

Title: The Same the Angels Breathe
Author/Artist: theeverdream
Recipient: da_angel729 at rononficathon
Medium: digital art
Rating: all ages
Characters/pairing: Ronon, unnamed Satedean OC's, Ronon/Melena implied
Summary: Ronon before we knew him. Two conceptual manips and a "scrapbook"
Additional notes: Inspired by this part of the prompt:
"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." -Langston Hughes

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Disney - Minion - Sad

All Through the Night

Title: All Night Long
Author: rinkafic
Recipient: gaffsie
Medium: fic
Word Count: 2,173
Rating: R
Characters/pairing: Ronon/Sheppard
Summary: Ronon is having trouble sleeping, and so begins a project to help pass the time. John gets involved.
Edit to add - I totally owe stormylullabye  a massive thank you for beta reading this and making with the corrections!  Big Hugs!
Additional notes: I managed to hit 2 of gaffsie’s prompts, h/c and Satedan cooking. And a HC_bingo card fill: “insomnia.”

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Ronon 1

Sateda Picspam

Title: Sateda Picspam
Artist: leesa_perrie
Recipient: lar_laughs
Medium: Art
Rating: PG13? (not sure what rating the episode carried)
Characters: Ronon, John, Teyla, Carson & Rodney
Summary: A picspam of Sateda
Additional Notes lar_laughs wanted "h/c where help comes at the last possible moment (with a lot of I remember whens all mixed in)" - I immediately thought of Sateda!

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