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Ronon Ficathon
Stories of Ronon
Ronon Ficathon: Dead or Alive, PG13 
7th-Jul-2011 11:22 pm
Ronon Hunter
Title: Dead or Alive
Author: Rubygirl29
Rating: PG13
Characters: Ronon Dex, Teal'c, Aris Boch

Written For: The Ronon Thing-a-thon for theeverdream for her prompt: "I really want Ronon interacting with Arish Boch from SG-1 (Deadman Switch). I can totally see them understanding each other's survival lifestyle and the 'we do what we have to do' type of thing. "

Summary: As Ronon waits to depart from SGC after he and Teal'c take down the invading Wraith, he is introduced to an unexpected visitor, Bounty Hunter Aris Boch.

Author's Note: I'm sorry this is late, but I hope you like it. I wish RL would just give me a moment to take a breath.

At my Journal: Dead or Alive