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Ronon Ficathon
Stories of Ronon
Fic: Beyond All Hope - for rubygirl29 
2nd-Jul-2011 09:39 am
Ack! I'm late! Sorry about that!

Title: Beyond All Hope
Author: lar_laughs
Recipient: rubygirl29
Medium: Fic
Word count: ~3800
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Ronon/John, pre-Ronon/Lorne, John/Atlantis
Warnings: Main character death, grief, AU mid-season 5
Summary: Even with the city of Atlantis falling down around them, John finds that he can't leave her behind. That he can leave Ronon behind is something that Ronon is having a hard time coming to terms with.
Additional Notes: Thank you so much for the prompts (h/c either or both parties, Lorne and Ronon on a mission to rescue John), rubygirl29! I had trouble wrapping my head around them at first but then something started forming and going in one direction and WHAM! It took a detour. I hope you like it! As always, I could not have done this without Aster, who knows my writing schedule better than I do some days.

...he never should have let him go alone...